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E Evolucion Disco (Gay Night Club)

Address: Calle Albino Espinosa #345 , Centro Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Phone: (81) 147701, 147706
Website: www.e-evoluciondisco.com
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Muchos Vaqueros (e - evolution). Gay Club en Monterrey Mexico. Calle Albino Espinosa 345 Poniente y Josť Mariano Jimenez Nte

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Review posted by greeneye34: 2008-10-07

there is a lot of handsome cowboys

Review posted by hombrediscreto: 2008-09-22

I do like it, compare to others clubs. However, I like more the people that come over here, not necesarily the music nor the customer service they provide. This is the reason why it does not deserve to be a 5 star night club. Too many bartenders that like to steal your money. They think that just because you look drunk you will not notice that they are trying to rub you. Also, they do not really satisfy your needs. I have a year in Monterrey and since I discovered that it existed (probably 3 or 4 months after I arrived here) I come at least twice per month and have spent a lot of money there all ready... Last time, I went with a friend to celebrate his birthday and asked 3 times to send a salutation to him from my part and in the 5 or 6 hours that I stayed there, waiting for that... I never heard it! Also, have asked several times to play a particular type of music that I know they have played before. Until now, they have not been able to satisfy me with that... I have found out that the customer service sucks! The restrooms look clean, however they do not make improvements... They forget to put soup and paper towel to dry your hands after you wash them. About 7 months ago, I saw that there was a particular toilet that was not working working properly, they decided to shut it down instead of repairing it, although it is common to see a long line of people waiting to used those toilets to have some privacy... Evolution is not a 5 star night club. It is probably a 3 star night club. I wonder why there are people that go into the nightclub business and forget to have the best of the music... I am sure that someone will read this and hopefully they will do something about it, if not, fine. I dont care... I will keep lookig for something better, and will come here until I do not find something that goes more with my style of life!

Review posted by cowboyregio: 2008-05-07

its the best place

Question posted by thebeastjr: 2007-12-27
hay privados?

Number of users that attend: 345.

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